Realty Benefit Systems

Realty Benefit Systems

1171 Allen Ave
Glendale, CA 91201

Properties in Glendale, Woodland Hills, Toluca Lake and Los Angeles

Residential Properties - Find serenity in your home

Enjoy peace and privacy in these beautifully maintained properties in prime locations, residential and commercial. Pride of ownership shows in these distinctly gracious community environments.

Commercial Properties - Well Maintained Office Space

Prime locations offer ample parking, walk-up walk-in traffic, easy transporation, close to restaurants. Find your business near other small businesses, not related to your business. We are careful not to rent to your competition!

Adel Luzuriaga
Adel Luzuriaga

A Company You Can Trust

I am committed to providing top quality housing and work places with responsive management services. ~ Adel Luzuriaga

As a long time business-owner in Glendale, Adel identifies with neighborhood business owners and the issues they face to survive - to thrive - in the midst of competition, taxes and business regulations. Being cognizant of the importance of keeping the vitality of local business - to help maintain quality of life and to support public services for its residents, she started a localized website directory,, to help small neighborhood businesses show up online in search engines.